I was studying from my grammar book and then doing exercises after. One question got me confused, well the answer. They had 'mangeons' in the answer key which I thought was a typo because it's a -er verb. But then when I checked on word reference, it was indeed 'mangeons' since it conjugates irregularly. You always … Continue reading Manger


I think it's time to write about another book from Nihongo Challenge series. Previously, I wrote two posts about にほんごチャレンジ N4・N5[かんじ]and 新にほんご500問 N4-N5. Now it's time for ことば.  As the authors of this book claim, the book itself is intended for people who plan to take the N4 level of JLPT, those who have started studying at the … Continue reading にほんごチャレンジN4[ことば]