I want to study in Korea (part 1)

Since me and my best friend share passion for Korea and we only have two years left in school. We decided, why not go and study in Korea?

So I started our research… If you want to study in Korea as a university student you have to have one important thing.. and it’s learning the language. I think it’s important everywhere, right? If you want to study in a different country you must speak the language that is spoken in that country. In order to be able to study in Korea, you have to be at least level 3 at TOPIK. And that’s intermediate beginner level! So if you have plans to study in Korea, go on, learn the language.
I still have not decided on university and qualification I want.. So I decided to email http://www.studyinkorea.go.kr . And ask them about questions I have. This is a website which is kept by Korean Government. They have an online consultation, so if you have any questions, go on and message them! I messaged them and was surprised how fast they replied! Amazing.. Koreans like 빨리빨리 so everything is usually done fast!

I asked them about:

  1. TOPIK and what to do since we are not able to take TOPIK in Ireland
  2. Maybe we could take TOPIK when we arrive in Korea
  3. Will we need to take TOEIC exam ( or any other exam to prove English fluency) since we are not native English speakers
  4. About renting and accommodation in Korea


They replied : ( and I am quoting)

“Dear Roksana,

Thank you for your interest of studying in Korea.

For general admission about Korean universities that require Korean language proficiency certificate, TOPIK level 3(intermediate level) or above to get accepted except English exclusive schools. Many foreign students learn Korean before they get admitted into the Korean University. For details of TOPIK, please visit at www.topik.go.kr

Once you get a required TOPIK certificate, you need to find your desired university. If you are looking for a certain study field or a university, you may search for your desired study field based on your major by visiting “Search university&college > University&college > http://www.studyinkorea.go.kr/en/main.do” website and then ask about admission information for international students directly from that university, since each university has different admission standard and requirements.

Please refer following links for living expense and tuition fee in Korea.




International student service center, NIIED”

I am so thankful they replied so fast!  I already browsed through their website so I knew most of the links they navigated me to… But some were new! So thank you very much! I still did not get all the answers to my questions, so I plan to email Korean embassy here, in Dublin!  So stay tuned 😉


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