Korean VS Japanese

Usually, when people get interested in Japanese culture, music or anything else. They also usually get to know Korean culture and probably some other Asian culture. Or Vica Versa you might be introduced to Korean culture first. Either way around it’s most likely you will get to know more about Asia.

Right now I want to talk about Korean VS Japanese
(in terms of learning the language)

One of my classmates has chosen to learn Korean because it seemed EASIER. Actually, in some ways, it seems easier because there are no Chinese characters and you only need to learn Hangul. But wait… Before Hangul was introduced in Korea, they used Chinese characters as well! Hanja. Still, schools in Korea, make students learn Hanja. And some of the Korean vocabularies has roots from Chinese characters, it just might sound different.I also heard that it’s good to learn some Hanja to get a good grasp of Korean.

Japanese writing system consists of Kanji, Katakana, and Hiragana. Hiragana was developed from Chinese characters. When it was created, it did not gain huge support since elites and educated preferred to write in Kanji. Hiragana became popular with common people and especially with women. So now it was a bit of History…
I personally think it’s worth learning Kana. And I find kanji to be very beautiful so, in my opinion, it’s not that hard. Even though there’s more than 4000 to learn (?).

In terms of pronunciation. I think Japanese is easier for me to pronounce. Korean seemed to be a bit more complex for me but now I got used to it!

I am not big of expert and I am only a beginner in Korean and in Japanese but… grammar seems to be a bit similar. For example, when you ask a Q in Japanese you have to add “ か ” pronounced as KA. So when you hear a ”ka” at the end, you can be 99.9% sure it’s a Q.
In Korean so far, I think it’s similar. You can hear ”ka”.Example..안녕하십니까. It’s literally a super polite version of hello ( how are you doing (?) ) Even thought google translated it as welcome ^^;;

I think both of them can be quite easy if you are motivated.. any language can be easy if you really want to learn it !♥  So don’t worry, learn and be happy ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Good luck♥

PS. As I said I am no expert in this ^^ Just sharing my opinion on what I heard so far


2 thoughts on “Korean VS Japanese

  1. Power TJ says:

    Koreans has used Chinese characters like Latin…. Yes, you can learn Korean language without depending on Chinese characters….. Key point is Korean language does not depend on Chinese characters. Writing, Reading, Speaking, Listening……..


    • roksana09 says:

      Thank you for your comment. I think in Korea, hanja is not main thing anymore and yes Korean does not depend on Chinese characters. Sometimes words do sound similar thought but that’s not often. I am only learning Korean by myself 🙂 So I am no expert ^^


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