I want to study in Korea ( part 2)

Here is the second part of my journey.You can read first part HERE

As I said, I emailed Korean embassy here, in Dublin. Since I was lazy, I emailed them only yesterday, and I got a reply this morning. They said for information I should go to http://www.studyinkorea.go.kr/en/main.do .. But, I emailed that website before I emailed embassy 😀 Sadly, I haven’t gotten all answers to my questions. ( I talked about Qs I have in part 1) So I will email embassy again but I will ask them about TOPIK.
As some of you may know.. TOPIK is currently not available in Ireland.. (crying in the corner) And in order to apply to Korean university, you need a certificate to prove your fluency in Korean…
I can still fly to the UK to take TOPIK. But it’s kinda pricy if you fly every time to take the exam for each of levels… So if I won’t be able to take TOPIK in Ireland, I thought I will fly to the UK to take the exam after I will reach intermediate level.

I am only high school student now, and I still have two more years to go. But I will focus on my Korean and hopefully I will manage to achieve what I hope.


2 thoughts on “I want to study in Korea ( part 2)

  1. kish says:

    It’s possible to apply to universities that have English teaching in the subject you want to study, as far as I know – for example Korea University where I’m studying seems to take students without the TOPIK, assuming your major is taught in English. (You can browse courses via their websites, korea.ac.kr and sugang.korea.ac.kr) Someone I know is currently applying, and I did not see her in my exam. 😉 After all, it’s possible to study Korean language at the university you’re studying, and perfect your skills to the required level during your stay.
    I don’t know about the Irish education, but here, tuition fees and accommodation are the bigger concern: tuition is very high, and usually dormitories require students to pay half a year’s rent on one go. The Immugration office requires foreigners studying in Korea to prove their financial status, and if you’re not enrolled in an exchange program or such, they ask you to prove you have /at least/ USD7000 on your account when you register as an alien. You might want to start by browsing universities and see whether they offer a tuition waiver for international students.
    The Korean Governement offers a very good scholarship for undergraduate students – you might already have seen it on the website, but I recommend checking it out and seeing about the requirements, application period, and asking them for details if anything is inclead (such as possible GPA requirements).

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