My first ever visit to UK ( June 2014)

In late June 2014, I finally visited the UK for the first time! I didn’t go to London but I went to Manchester. My first memories are finally hearing the British accent and seeing stewardess smoking (meh).When we arrived it was super early and the weather was chilly and I regretted wearing a skirt. I was sleepy.

Manchester city

Manchester city

After some time we finally got into the city. It was around 7~8 in the morning. The streets were kinda quiet and not many people. Since we could only check in the hotel at 1, we had to walk around the city. We decided to find a supermarket or anything like that. To buy some water and I got some doughnuts as well 😉

Then I and my family went to find some park so we could eat. The weather got really hot and I was actually really glad that I wore a skirt after all. After that my parents decided to take a nap ( good thing my mom brought a picnic blanket) and even though I and brother were sleepy as well, we didn’t sleep. We simply had no space left and we didn’t want to sleep in the park.
There was a playground and no one was there. Heh. But after a while, lots of people came. They were kids 5+ years old. All were Chinese or half Chinese. And they all spoke Chinese. I guessed there was a school of some sort near. And there were some adults minding them.



After that, we went for a walk again ( legs were killing me). And also went shopping again to buy croissant XD We finally got to the hotel and left our bags there. Then we went to eat out. We got coupons online and therefore it was cheaper to eat out. It was a Thai-Malaysian restaurant (?) and the name was… Gossip…I think?
I don’t really remember what food I ordered since it was a while ago but I still have pictures. I definitely had spicy noodles as my second meal! They were super spicy! Gosh.. I drank all water. Hehe… I got sauce on my lips and it was burning. I really don’t know how to eat noodles right ^^;;
They weren’t that spicy if I was careful and didn’t get them on my lips. They were the spiciest noodles I ate so far in my life.

These noodles! Yum!

These noodles! Yum!

I also saw the stadium, but it was closed. My dad really wanted to go in. When we finally got to the hotel and got ready to sleep. I fell asleep straight away! I had to wake up at 4 AM and walking around all day made me soo tired! Next day we went to Trafford Center! To visit LEGO land…While walking through Trafford center I realized how plain is shopping center in my area. I never ever seen such beautiful shopping center! Made me feel like I am walking in Italy or something!!

Lego land, was, umm.. ok? I expected more of it but it turned out to be for kids 🙂 But I still enjoyed it and seeing buildings made of LEGO was cool!

After that, we head for dinner to a Russian restaurant. The food was delicious~Since I am partly Russian and Russian food is common for me. I absolutely loved it 😀  The atmosphere was nice and I enjoyed it. The owner spoke in Russian and my parents had a conversation with her. She also said that next time when we visit Manchester we could call her. I will later write the name of the restaurant! The name is St. Petersburg! After soup, I felt so full! And then there was second course and dessert! My tummy almost exploded 😀

My first time visiting the UK was a good memory!


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