Face Cleaning – ouch

I am currently on holidays. Well, more like I went back to my home country. I will stay here until 14 August. More LIFE posts will be coming up. I have few posts I want to write down~ Also, when I am back I will write some reviews on books since before I left I ordered something from Amazon.jp ^_~

So.. today I finally had face cleaning done. Since I was advised to have one. I also had two dermatology appointments this past 10 days. No, I don’t suffer from acne badly but I do have some skin challenges >.<

Before face cleaning, the woman washed my face with special thins (?) I don’t know what it was, I had my eyes closed most of the time. Then something else was applied and pieces of something that felt like a plastic bag was put on my face. And then I was left alone for some time. *sob sob* After she returned, that was where the pain began. lol I know it’s good to have you face cleaned but .. OUCH After, I was given some nice mask to calm down my skin. My skin feels super smooth now~~~ I heard it’s common in Korea to go to dermatology once a month to have skin in good condition ><

I am supposed to have another face cleaning for better results. Also, I was given some medicine cosmetics. To use for 2~3 days to calm my skin down. Tubes look super cute! I don’t know why but they do to me 😀

My ''cute'' cosmetics lol

My ”cute” cosmetics lol

PS: I went to Sugiharos clinic. It is told to be one of the best or the best in Lithuania (?)
Sounds like I am advertising…



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