Korea Fantasia Festival

Just a few days ago I got the chance to go to Korean Festival!.. Of course with my lovely friends!! 🙂 Festivals are always better when you have friends around! ^^


First, the bus was packed! So we had to stand almost all the way and that’s almost 50 minutes! We arrived after 13:00 and met one of my friend’s friend. Sounds so complicated >.<After we headed to one and only KPOP shop in Dublin… T.T I got badge and others got something else too ~~ I think one of my friends got EXO poster and my cousin got a badge too. :)Now I have 2 Big Bang badges.Also, we headed to Hang Sung Asian market, some Korean snacks and yummy food. How can we be without Korean food when we are heading to Korean festival?!
Ah, forgot about Bubble tea!! I personally tried it 2 times and did not really like it. So that time I decided I would be fine without it while the rest of my 4 friends got it, I was the odd one out.
The one I tried was milk one, but after trying the juice one… it was yummy! But I still feel that bubble tea is something … that makes you very full! I always take small one… and I couldn’t finish it.


We found the place pretty fast. At first, it was pretty empty but it got crowded pretty soon! So MANY KOREAN people. The first part of the concert was…. KPOP competition ~~ Around 2 months ago, people who wanted to participate in it had to upload video and hope for the best ^*^And in total….only 8 people were chosen…and guess what’s the main prize??


There were lots of Traditional performances… !! ♥Absolutely awesome >///<Closer to end it started to rain! Oh, Irish weather…But it didn’t ruin the festival!! 😉 The group who won… were girls! And there were around 6 or more in the group. Hmm.. I wonder how they will decide who will go?!Well, the rest can share €1000… But what’s that compared to the trip?!Other prizes were Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Note~When we got home… we were tired but now we have amazing memories of enjoying Korean festival.


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