Exams- meh (´•ω•`)

みんなさん、 こんにちは!★

This week is an exam week for me. Well, it’s actually only 3 days~ Starting on Tuesday and finishing on Thursday. And… Tomorrow is my last day (yay so happy) Right now, I am doing some maths exercises to keep my brain fresh for maths exam tomorrow :p (such lies LOL I am actually writing this post hehe) But I am actually doing them :p I also have a French and DCG exam tomorrow. For anyone who doesn’t know, DCG stands for Design and Communicational Graphics, and I can’t wait till we will start working on computers. But so far we only did exercises on papers.

Because of studying for my school exams, I haven’t opened my Japanese book also my Ewha books are probably covered in dust by now. Huhu
Well, I cleaned my room so it’s clean but .. Ahhh… I miss studying Korean. I haven’t studied Korean since October, but I read hangul especially when Mr.C decides to write in Korean on Kakao. I will go back to Japanese tomorrow (hopefully:roll:) I mentioned in my previous post that I applied for JLPT N5, so I should make use of that €65 Euro I paid for it and get a good score. Also Korean… Be ready for me. More like I should be ready for Korean.

I plan to buy something for Korean and/or Japanese again I wish I had more money to buy more books. I haven’t really decided on books because I want few books but I should pick the ones I need the most. And… I need to make use of my GOLD gmarket before it ends.
I don’t know how to get any benefits in Amazon.jp though… It says you get points but.. I am confused I bought four books in June but no points.

Also, I was wondering, what kind of websites sell Korean/Japanese books, etc. I know of few but Amazon.jp and gmarket are still best options so far. Because other websites either have books at higher price or shipping… I have to admit Gmarket really does take some cash for shipping… So if you guys know any, please tell me about them in comments~

Have a good day (or night?) Lol


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