A crazy month ahead of me..

Hello, Everyone!

These past days I am kinda busy… School work, preparing for JLPT and for my piano exam. And being lazy. The date for my piano exam came around a week ago, and it turns out exam will be on 3rd December just a few days before JLPT I am doing grade 7, which is second last I do not take theory tests, my theory sucks.

Also, I am feeling a bit scared of my JLPT.. even though I am taking the easiest level I do not want to waste my mom’s money by scoring badly on it. After this exam, I do not plan on taking JLPT N4. I rather study till more advanced level and take a higher level. I simply do not have money to spend on taking every single level… I do around 2 chapters a day from the book, sometimes one. It also depends whether the topic is easy then I can cover more in a day. Maybe after JLPT I will write about the book I am using

The past week was nothing special, just studying. Except for Wednesday… I got to make my favorite CURRY UDON! I absolutely love it~ I am not sure how originally Japanese curry supposed to taste.. but I am pretty happy with the way my curry turns out. I love curry with udon more than curry with rice.


It may not look very delicious.. but I think it’s very yummy 😜

I found the recipe on japanesecooking101. I already use this website a lot💕 even though I am not sure if my cooking tastes same since I cannot use some ingredients mentioned there.Have you ever tried curry udon? 🐋 Did you like it?

I want to study in Korea is one of my categories in this blog. To be honest I haven’t updated it for awhile. I stumbled across a wall and I am in confusion. I plan to bring more posts to that category since I haven’t stopped researching and I hope maybe some of the information will be helpful to others.

Nobody knows but I planned to study in Japan (high school), what failed was my language level. I did research a lot on that topic, and I am thinking of creating something similar to “I want to study in Korea” but for Japan. I really like both, Japan and Korea. I cannot reach final a decision to where to go to. So I am looking into both options and studying both languages.

School assignment

Everyone in my year was assigned to a new project, about our future. Everyone has to research about what they want to do in future, and write a “diary” entry + show it to year head every Monday… So I came up with the idea, why not also share what I found, here as well? It will probably run until February because it’s the deadline. I don’t know whether I will create a different category or keep it under I want to study in Korea/Japan… Because my research mainly focuses on Korea and Japan.

Well, that’s it so far I thought I will quickly write a short post… But it looks very long now I wrote it on phone, so forgive me for any mistakes

Take care, everyone!


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