Friday with Japanese grammar

Hello, everyone!

The way I spent today is school, food, Japanese and internet. I was looking for something like Japanese grammar and I found it! Some of these documents make grammar points easier. -> This is actually the website of the company which supports Japanese lessons in my school. It has some helpful things but it limits to beginner section. So if you are more advanced then this website can’t help you. I printed some of them and now, my printer does. not. work…… :<  If anyone knows good resources, feel free to leave them in comments^^

Speaking Japanese
I talk to myself in Japanese. Or with my cat! She is the only one who listens to me when I speak Japanese XD My brother tells me to go away haha I do try to speak with some of my Japanese friends in Japanese thought (^0^)v

Weekend Plans
– Study Japanese
– Homework + school study
– Write ”Diary” for school + finish College Awareness Week poster
– Art Project+ Construction project
– Prepare for piano exam

I wonder if I will do what I planned lol  or I will be lazy

Have a good day/ night! ♦


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