Saturday post


So today I did JLPT past papers. I only looked at them online but today I printed them out. It turns out much easier. I was actually really worried about my listening part. But it turned out just fine! 🙂 I only did listening exercises in my textbook before. I somehow feel that pace is slower in JLPT exam than in my textbook….The rest of sections are okay too. I haven’t done reading and grammar section yet. Also, I have almost finished with my book! 4 more chapters. 5 parts in each chapter thought….

Today I made curry again. I made curry last week too! I just love it. Also, I made dorayaki for breakfast. I know it’s Japanese dessert type of food. But it’s sweet pancakes! I don’t use anko paste, just cook pancakes and eat them with jam.

What I learned today:
Verbs ならべる(v2– to line up/arrange)、 およぐ(v1- to swim)、 あそぶ (v1- to play)
Words  ちず(map)、 きっぷ ( ticket)、 ど ( degree/angle)、 おさら( dish/plate)、 けさ (this morning)、 そうじ (cleaning)、 きたない ( dirty/untidy) 、 あかるい ( bright/cheerful)、 くらい ( dark)

Well… Good night everyone! ✨ It’s 12:16 AM here! 💤


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