King’s Singers


On Thursday I got a chance to attend King’s Singers concert at National Concert Hall in Dublin. My piano teacher had a ticket, she was originally planning to go with someone else but they couldn’t come. So not to waste a precious ticket, I was offered to go 🙂

I didn’t know anything about them at all, but my teacher told me some info on the way. After some research (after I got home from the concert) I found some info:

The King’s Singers are a British a cappella vocal ensemble founded in 1968. They are named after King’s College in Cambridge, England, where the group was formed by six choral scholars.


Original members

These people are the original members of King’s Singers. Now there are 5 new members! ->


It was practically my first concert I attended. I found it very interesting and their performance was so good! So now, I feel like going to another classical concert. 😉


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