Memrise+ FluentU

Hello, everyone!!

I haven’t posted anything for awhile. T^T I hope everyone had/ or still has nice holidays. I am into my second week of easter break. (my last week.) I tried to study every day during my break, but I only managed to study around 2~4 hours a day. I am trying to revise and catch up with school subjects.

So today turned out to be a really good weather in Ireland. Super warm! It has been ages since I went outside without wearing a jacket. So while I walked to my Russian class I got to enjoy the sunshine. Unlike last time when I had to walk and downpour occurred. I had to sit whole class with wet jeans.

I made an account at Memrise! So addicting…..! I don’t have Korean keyboard stickers so I learned off Korean keyboard off by heart. Nevertheless, I still can’t type fast and it gets frustrating since it has a timer. I will get their app on my phone, I type much faster on my phone. Since I am almost done with my Ewha 1-1 (YAY!!!) I found flashcards for the whole book there so before moving onto 1-2 I want to review them all!

I found something new to help me with my studies. It’s FluentU. Seems pretty cool. You can choose a video and learn vocabulary from it. Sadly, there is limited content. If you want more… you pay.

You get to watch a video and see Japanese subtitles. If you are confident in your Kanji, you can remove pronunciation guide. You as well can remove English translation. Then after you finished watching the video you learn words that were used in it. These videos are actually used from Youtube. There are few other languages too.


2 thoughts on “Memrise+ FluentU

  1. Oh my God, ShinKi! says:

    It’s been so long since I last heard from you that I got worried for a bit! Good to know that you’re still around but just stuck with homework and catching up on your subjects, which I’m trying to do right now as well!
    FluentU seems cute and fun :3


    • roksana09 says:

      Aww 😍💕💕💕💕 Thank you that you were worried about me 😉😍💗💗
      Actually I didn’t get any homework, which is actually surprising. But, I have exams next month💔
      Good luck with your studies too😄💗

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