Jisho.org- Online Japanese dictionary

Jisho.org is probably my most favourite online dictionary. Why? -It’s simple to use and in my opinion is very useful.


What makes it easy? Many functions available: you can type, draw it, choose from radicals or say the word.

When you look up a word, translation is given. Also, you can see kanji and other words that might have the same kanji.

What I like about jisho is that you can paste full sentence and it will break it down. It will separate words and if you click on the particle it will give info about it. It will also recognize verb in different forms and say what is this form usually used for.


What else can jisho do?


I think jisho.org does a good job, I am not sure about other online Japanese dictionaries since I use this one. If you know any other good online dictionary for Japanese tell me in comments ^.^


5 thoughts on “Jisho.org- Online Japanese dictionary

  1. Oh my God, ShinKi! says:

    I haven’t heard of this online dictionary! O:
    I usually use Tangorin.com which is also pretty useful, but it doesn’t have the features that this one has! My previous Japanese teacher recommended tangorin.com, which is why it’s kinda like my go-to online Japanese dictionary ^^
    But it looks like Jisho can be greatly useful to me, too!


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