Becoming lazy?


I arrived in Lithuania on Sunday! I am really happy that I returned to my home country. I love when I come to Lithuania. I get to see my grandma and eat her delicious cooking, enjoy the lovely weather (which is usually much better than Irish) and many other things. I am staying here for almost whole summer!

My grandmother’s garden was renovated and improved. It is so relaxing to spend the whole day there. My “study space” is trampoline now (also the bed) ! >.< Trampoline becomes warm because the sun shines on it⛅ Relaxing…
I also found an old book in my grandmother’s library (tiny library, few shelves only ) So now I am reading Sherlock Holmes.

I started studying Japanese and Korean again Starting N4 grammar from the very beginning. And revising past few grammar points in Ewha book.

I also draw~ I am making portfolio but I brought only one sketchbook, watercolor paints and watercolor paper (10 sheets only:'(). Ah! And also paintbrushes and inking pens. I forgot to take few coloring pencils and my drawings are all gray. ✏

I also brought few school textbooks because I am behind and have blank spaces in few subjects. I am super worried about entrance exams. I also don’t have much done for my Construction projects and almost everyone is finished with it. We must start it when we are back from holidays. I must study this summer!

I will also be going to doctors for check ups Need to get my blood tested. Didn’t check my blood for almost two years
I also plan to meet my friend who I met on WordPress*^^* Then in July my Korean friends are coming to visit Vilnius✈

I will try to do updates more often! Maybe show pictures of beautiful Vilnius and progress of studying . I really like Vilnius especially nature I can see beautiful forest from where I live


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