I am back ?

Long time no see everyone!

I have been absent from WP for about…. more than a month? I actually forgot last time I blogged which is kinda disappointing. Lots of things have happened. First of all, my Korean friends visited Lithuania. They came here last week and already left this Wednesday.

While they were here I got few things done: corrections in my Korean copy and speaking practice in Korean. I was having difficulties with ㄸ. For me, it was difficult to pronounce 어떤, 딸기, 떡볶이 and etc. but after some practice, I managed to pronounce them more or less native-like. I also read 네이버 웹툰 with 김 언니. ^^ As well as managing to text with her friend on kakaotalk using Korean.

My Korean phone keyboard is google type one and is different from Samsung type. I always wondered how to use Samsung keyboard one. But after 김 언니 explained, it all became clear. So simple to use.

Their purpose to coming to Vilnius was to explore this town and of course, we did that! It’s not like they sat at my grandma’s house and practiced Korean with me for whole day:; ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I will try to post pictures ^^

I am thinking of turning my blog into something like a daily blog? Where I will try to post daily and write about what I studied and my study progress. Actually, because after summer ends I will be in the last grade of high school. I am studying now. Since my summer result wasn’t the best. I also want to improve my writing skills ;_;


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