Study Day 18/07/15

Hello, everyone.

After all, yesterday I conveyed my desire to try posting every day. So here it comes! Even though I wanted to study more, I still can’t. During whole day I only studied about 3 hours. Korean, French and Art History.

Korean at around 3 pm:
I am not really a k-drama or any TV series person but more of a show person. I enjoy watching different shows and this time I am watching KNTM aka 도전! 수퍼모델 코리아 guys and girls. I know I know that this show ended last year. But, I just recently found out about it and decided to watch it. Tomorrow it’s time for episode 5! Yay! ^^ I am not watching the whole show in one day even if it’s only 12 ep. I don’t like 장윤주.

After I finished watching KNTM, I browsed through books at Sejong Hakdong. I also did one lesson but then after I was eagerly clicking on lesson two… Something happened.. On myspace page it says I am 0% but I completed lesson one? Now even when I click on lesson 2 ( or any other one) I cannot go on next page. 😦

French after 4pm:

I listened to some audio on FluentU. The video was about 40 seconds long and it’s about Toto. ^^ If anyone is learning French, I think this is a nice cartoon. Is it not very difficult? But watching it on fluent where I can see French subtitles and click on a word I don’t understand -is the best! I am really tempted to get a subscription for Fluent U since right now I have limited content. But I also have empty pockets ; I must save up money for the university.


I also studied with my new book which is Practice makes perfect Basic French. I will write about it after I get to use it more. Currently on chapter 8. It is a good REVISION book and not for complete beginners. ^^

Art History after 7 pm:

I just finished the last chapter of that Newgrange and drew some diagrams. Nothing really spectacular and I should have done more. ;;


Currently, I was researching how to improve my English writing skills (which are not really that great) I really want to improve them, but how? Read and write? >< So I will keep trying and trying and trying. I want at least a B! Muahah I found THIS.
I read more in Russian because Russian version of GOT is cheaper ^^;; At the moment I am reading Sherlock Holmes. Reminder to myself: I should go to library often 😀

Now I shall go brush my teeth and head to sleep. One chapter of Sherlock Homes would be great now. ^^


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