Study day 19/07/15

Hello, everyone!

So today I didn’t study as much as I wanted either. It’s hard to get used to studying every subject every day. I will try to stabilize my study schedule.

French after lunch:
So after I had lunch I decided why not spend some time and create flashcards from my French book. Creating flashcards took me about an hour and a half: the result was.. almost 300 words on memrise. I made them available to the public so I will link to them tomorrow. (Currently typing on phone) I made flashcards for eight chapters and I decided that after every chapter I do, flashcards must come. Also, apparently le cousin doesn’t only mean cousin but also slang for daddy-long-legs. I don’t actually know what it means. But while I was typing this word that meaning came up.

Korean after dinner:
I figured out how to make Sejong work! Yayaya. You simply have to make the browser go full screen and tada! I did 2 lessons and they are just revision but I learned new word 일상 which means daily. I plan to return to my ewha book tomorrow^^

French at 8 pm:
I did chapter 8 today only. Revised on verbs that end in -IR. I quite enjoy this book. Simple and easy to use for revision apart from few mistakes.

Construction at 9 pm:
Today was finaalllyyy time for construction. I actually got an A for it during my summer test which actually made me surprised. I want to pass it with A for my LC. Today I did just tiny amount about soil type. Vegetation plays a big role, you can tell a lot by looking at plants which grow in that area.

I plan to go to Vilnius city center after lunch. It would be great if I will wake up before 9. I would like to get some study done.


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