Study Day 20/07/15

Hello everyone^^

French after lunch:

Today I started my studying from reviewing flashcards on memrise. I spent about 40 minutes learning and revising words from my course. Then I switched to French course which is provided by Memrise. I then completed chapter 9 in my book. Closer to evening I just watched Toto >3<

Piano at 5.50pm:
Today after a long break I finally practiced piano. I shouldn’t do this and ditch piano practice.(fingers feel stiff) I will probably take the last grade for piano this autumn ^^ Then I will be done with music classes, which is kinda sad. Must practice daily. And I. Will. If. I. Stop. Being. Lazy.

Art history at 8.35pm:

Today I started art from drawing sketches for Neolithic topic. Then moved on to the Bronze Age! If I will revise all the topics from my last year then it will be easier for me. Writing essays is kinda my weak point. Boo!

Korean before bed:
Yesterday I didn’t watch KNTM episode 5 so today was the day I managed to watch it. I learned few words from this episode. I watched it at around 3pm though.

  • 탈락 which means eliminated
  • 그렇지 means yes/right
  • 표정 expression

Then about 20 mins ago I finished studying my course on Sejong. ^^ I only completed one course, should have done two since they are so simple.


I am almost ready to go to bed. Will read Sherlock Holmes ^0^ AH! I did not manage to go to city center today. The weather wasn’t as nice today and I decided naahh should stay home! Tomorrow I wonder how much studying I will get because my little cousin is coming >< Also, I didn’t manage to study kanji or use my Ewha today. Too much procrastination today.


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