Stray Cat

I haven’t posted in ages.. oh… … .

I still have to do language tag I was tagged in by Almante. I promise I will do it soon!!. >< Also me and Almante agreed to meet up tomorrow so I am looking forward to it 🙂

For my Easter break, I flew to Lithuania. Yesterday something happened, I met a stray cat. I know there’re a lot of strays in Lithuania, unlike Ireland, which is really sad. But that cat came to my grandmother’s door and was meowing so sweetly that my mother who was skyping me at that moment fell in love with him(or her?).

Unfortunately, my grandma doesn’t share my love for animals so she tried to chase him away but he still came back! It was clearly visible that he was asking for help and his eyes were filled with hope.

Looking more closely at him I saw that he possibly has lichen planus (лишай in Russian so I hope that’s the word for it in English). For anyone who doesn’t know lichen is common among stray animals and is contagious for humans, especially kids. If you see that animal doesn’t have fur in certain places it could possibly be that he has lichen. Yesterday being Saturday, the vet was closed. So I decided if I find the cat on Monday I will bring him to the vet!

I really want to help that cat. I know that there are a lot of stray cats and dogs but not everyone tries to ask for help. Some just run away from humans and that’s why I want to help that one.


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