Cats, cats, cats and cats

Lately, my life seems to revolve around cats.

In my neighborhood lives a ginger cat. He looks too healthy to be a stray: his fur is clean and nice, he looks like he has a home but, he still comes at our door and meows. We give him food and then he leaves. He started coming during the autumn time and his visits were rare. But now he comes more frequently.

Today, we picked up a possibly stray cat (who might not be a stray after all). Her looks are plain and she is what some might call an “ugly duckling”. Her tail was once broken and is now crooked, her ear was bitten by someone and now has a scar. Despite that, she is so kind and sweet. Loves attention. Maybe she just got lost? Tomorrow we will bring her to the vet to see if she has a microchip.

Benefits of having a teacher as your neighbor are that you can ask them for help. In my case, my neighbor is the French teacher who teaches at my school. Lucky me! Since I have French orals tomorrow she offered to help me out before that nervous day. I took up the offer and had a mock oral with her. According to how my exam went, I improved a lot since my midterm exams (yay). Last oral exam tomorrow, wish me luck! 🙂


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