Bell returned home

Last time I wrote about a possibly stray cat who was wandering around our neighborhood. Good news! The cat turned out to be not stray after all and it belonged to a couple in our area. Turns out Bell, that’s the name of the cat, never left their back garden and for some reason on that day she escaped. Maybe her sense of direction is that bad and made her unable to return safely home. Even though Bell is a very small cat she is actually 8 years old and was adopted from a shelter.

On the other hand, I finished all of my oral exams, yyyaaayy! And now I am about to finish my construction project this Monday. So happy. There are many exams coming up, though: LCVP, art practical and construction practical… all in the following month. Oh, and my graduation of course. It feels surreal that I am finishing my school. >..< I treated myself to a kanji book which I purchased on Amazon JP like ten mins ago.


This is Bell


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