Lately, I really want to start learning Kazakh. The language is so fun and the alphabet is interesting. It is similar to the Cyrillic alphabet (which I already know) but it has some unique letters as well: ә, і, ң, ғ, ұ and so on. I know that many people from Kazakhstan speak Russian and therefore I heard same words in that language.

So far my Kazakh vocabulary list is very short and basic. I learned words such as yes and no, hello and bye. For some reason, my brain remembered the word for black colour (қара).

At first, I was looking for lessons online, then for textbooks and after that apps.

The textbooks for learning Kazakh in English are so damn expensive! €54 for a textbook?! I decided to look for Russian publishers on www.ozon.ru. There are not a lot of textbooks but at least the Russian books cost about 5-7 Euro. I found some books off ozon as well but I have no idea where to buy them.

There are only two apps that I used for Kazakh: mango languages and transparent. I can’t say I like using mango languages since I am not from the US and it only gives me a trial. So if you are from the US I think you can get it using your library card. Transparent is something like mango languages but slightly different. They are more of flashcards system which you look at. With the power my library card holds (lolol) I have free access to it~


I should be focusing on my entrance exams and not this. I am taking exams for English, Russian, French and Irish. Languages, languages and languages…. In total, I have 9 exam subjects. Here is a Q-pop group for you to listen! I feel that A.Z gives off GD vibe.


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