I and my family were debating over the cat’s name. At first, when I was at the vet and filling out forms, I named him Akihito. But then my mom said that the name doesn’t match his personality, that it must be a cute name. So we came up with two names: Toffee and Fluffy. (We are so good at creating names….haha) And now it was my brother who was unhappy. Why? He thinks that Toffee is too girly for a male cat. Toffee won. He is now officially “Toffee”.

Toffee is a male cat that I rescued while I was on my Easter holidays in Lithuania. He is ash gray in colour and is cute.

What are the popular animal names in your country? In Russia, it probably would be Murka (Мурка) and Markiza (Маркиза) for cats.


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