Personal Statement-How?

English essays wouldn’t be my strongest point and I know that. Despite knowing that I still refuse to give up and try my best at writing. It’s not like I don’t like writing and reading. In fact, I love reading but I have a bit of trouble expressing what is on my mind.

I read a huge amount of books in Russian. On my shelf, there are sitting few books by John London, Jojo Moyes, and Game of Thrones. All of them are in Russian. Why? My grandma has a mini library- that is what I like to call it- and I tend to take some books from there. This summer I read Sherlock Holmes (loveitloveitloveit) and another Russian detective novel. Game of Thrones I purchased in Lithuania because books in Russian lean towards cheaper prices than English do. Last year I read only one English novel, only one.( Ah wait, forgot that I read ”The Great Gatsby” and another novel at school.) Like seriously?! I like to purchase the books that I read therefore that novel was purchased on book depository. If I buy books that are in English or books published in America or Europe then that is the only place for me to order them from.

Having realized my lack of reading in English. I went like ” hey, maybe this is why I suffer with my English writing? ” With this, I made a trip to my local library and borrowed three books. Two of them I haven’t even opened and the other one is historic. I feel that I should start reading it.. I am currently on the 4th book of GOT and I put it on pause.

Now, I kinda took another turn about what I actually wanted to write about. Today I tried to write my personal statement application again and I still don’t really know what to write. How can I make it sound interesting and stand out? I have few more days before m meeting with the guidance counselor to whom I have to show my draft. Everything is making me tired.. I wish it was the end of June already so my exams would be over but at the same time, I still need more time to prepare for exams.

I am glad that I have tomorrow and Tuesday off. Last bits of my homework was completed today but I still have English essay on Paul Durcan to write. I tend to always leave English to the end.

Also, I realized that in my old post the pictures have shifted and now it looks so horrible…. I don’t even know how to fix this. Maybe it happened when I changed my theme.. I will try to fix or rewrite them later… Looks so unpleasing to me geh



Here’s Murka to make your day brighter 🙂




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