Summer heat

Today is already the middle of the summer, but for Ireland, it’s the last month of it. Surprisingly Ireland decided to spoil us and provide us with some summer heat. By summer heat I mean around 22 degrees which is rather warm for us. Today it should go up to 24 degrees! WOW!

I bought three new books for studying Korean: Ewha 2-1 textbook and workbook and another book called ‘다나의 한국 생활 일기’. I was thinking of buying either ‘다나의 한국 생활 일기’ or ‘쥐꼬리만큼 한국 비속어’ but in the end went with the first one. For some reason I wasn’t able to find a review or some sort of it for ‘다나의 한국 생활 일기’ so maybe I will try my best and provide a feedback for this book. So far I am loving it and the best point is that you can download audio for dialogues online. I am also creating a memrise course for the vocab introduced in this book ( self-promotion haha) so if you have the book or just simply want to learn more words you can check it out. ^^


3 thoughts on “Summer heat

  1. (^_^)/ says:

    Now I remember that I downloaded the audio of that Dana book from Hawoo’s website. I didn’t know you could make your own cards/course on Memrise. Can I make course in Chinese with translation in Korean?


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