Pencil case dilemma

After around three years its time to purchase a new pencil case. With my old one being worn out and even ripped this is a good choice. I wanted my pencil case to be cute so I headed to eBay. Why not local shopping center? -Of course, you can find pencil cases in our local bookstore. There’s also a banana shaped one in TIGER. But… They are more expensive there and not that cute. For example, I found tons and tons of cute pencil cases for a cheaper price + free delivery. Another problem was.. which design and color should I choose?

These were one of many that I came across. I got the pink+ white but I also bought the plastic smiley face too.

I’ve been wanting to buy another set of mildliners especially because I heard there was a 4th set released. To be honest I haven’t seen it on Amazon yet so I wonder if it actually came out. I did find some pictures online though…


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