Basic Korean (ROUTLEDGE)

Today I want to write about one of my first Korean textbooks. Basic Korean by Andrew Sangpil Byon. I bought it before I knew that Gmarket and Korean publishers existed. This book reminds me of Korean Grammar in Use. However, this book does not have illustrations or any color in it.

Considering it’s price it does not seem worth it. I mean the book is neat and tidy. It has grammar points explained, vocabulary lists at the end of every chapter and a set of exercises. It seems perfect but again, compared to KGIU there are far less grammar points introduced and no CD or audio. Sometimes I refer to this book when I need a more detailed explanation on something.

So let’s start from the beginning. When you open the book you can see credits and introduction, same thing with most textbooks. After few pages, there is a book content page where you can see a list of grammar points. This book is suitable for complete beginners I do say. It teaches you hangul at first. From this point, you are introduced to different grammar points and their explanations. As well as some correct and wrong ways to use it. Forgot to mention, their explanations are very detailed. How about vocabulary? -Yes, yes not to worry they have a list at the end of the chapter. What I don’t like is that the vocab is grouped pretty randomly and is introduced only because they will be used in exercises. Now about exercises. They are here to help you to strengthen the grammar point you have just learned. The exercises are pretty simple and they also provide you with sample answers. A good point about the book is that they also provide answers to the exercises. A completely beginner friendly book! A downside for it would be no CD or audio available to download.

To be honest, if you have extra cash for it or just want some extra material then this book is pretty good buy with fantastic explanations. I remember I bought it when it was around half price and because of the discount. The book is rather expensive and I would totally just opt for Korean Grammar in Use. I checked on book depository and it says it was around 40 euro. I think it’s not the actual price of the textbook because I remember it was lower. I think I paid 26 euros for it on BookDepository. I checked their official website and it says the paperback version is £28.99 which is around €35.

  • Format: Paperback | 256 pages
  • Dimensions: 154 x 230 x 18mm | 399.16g
  • Publisher: Taylor & Francis Ltd
  • Language: English, Korean
  • ISBN10: 041577487X
  • ISBN13: 9780415774871
  • Price: €31.97 ( according to bookdepository)

If you want to buy this book now you can do so by going on to this LINK or by clicking on the banner below:

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(If you book the book using my link, I will get small referral fee which could help me buy more interesting books for future reviews)


2 thoughts on “Basic Korean (ROUTLEDGE)

  1. meloncreme says:

    I have the PDF version of this book and I kinda find this book a little too dry for my liking. KGIU and Ewha spoiled me with graphics and pretty colors. Lol! But yeah, I agree that it’s kinda too expensive and I would rather suggest other books to beginners. Very nice review! ^^


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