Summer days

Another rather unproductive day today for me. Woke up, ate breakfast and continued to read Game of Thrones: A Feast for Crowns. I aim to finish it before going to Lithuania for summer holidays. Then if I finish it there will be space for Night Music by Jojo Moyes. Has anyone read that book? I think I should give it a try after I randomly persuaded my mom to purchase it for me. In addition to that, the past week  I have been watching ‘Halt and Catch Fire‘, currently on season 1 episode 6. I am more of a movie person but I want to see how Lee Pace acts in a TV drama. It’s disappointing that only American Netflix has it.. Boo! There will be 3rd season soon but I still have a whopping 2 seasons to watch. 

Oh! I also took pictures and wrote a so-called review for the 新にほんご500問 N4-N5. I think my photography skills are slowly improving, at least photos are not blurry anymore. It’s a scheduled post that will be up in few days. Lastly, I want to share a music video that I came across on YouTube. Feels like ”Great Gatsby” themed. I hope this time the video will actually embed itself into my post….. I can’t figure out why it didn’t work on my last post. Maybe it depends on the video?


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