I’ve been meaning to write a post for the past few days. Didn’t quite work out, huh? I keep getting distracted every time I sit down. The weather in Lithuania has gotten better since Friday and I am catching the moment. Finally was able to wear skirts and dresses without freezing.

Last Wednesday (17/08) was important to me. My exam results were released. The final exam results. The ones that decide my university. However, the university offers come out on 22nd, five days later. I am happy to say that I got my number one choice! So now I am off to study Applied Language and Translation studies. This will let me study Japanese and the second language of my choice. I am so happy!


I took so many pictures in Lithuania, maybe I should write a post about the places I visited…I also watched Suicide Squad in the cinema. ^^ 


2 thoughts on “Results?

  1. Ilya Lemieux says:

    Congratulations, bien joué!
    Applied Language and Translation studies. Of Japanese, if you don’t mind. Nothing to sneeze at. To my ears, it even sounds too serious for comfort. And yet it’s truly admirable!
    May the luck and persistence follow you on your “legit” (read “certified”) language journey!
    You should definitely keep us in the loop over the course of your education, if you feel like it.

    Good day!

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