It’s already 27th of December, and that means only a few days till 2017! I neglected my blog a lot in 2016 (and in previous years too), but maybe this coming year will be different.. Dun dun dun…. I hope everyone had a very lovely Christmas 🙂 My one was very fulfilling, I got to eat a lot and now I gained some weight.

I hope to start updating more frequently about my study progress and university. Right now I finally finished making vocabulary notes from my French Literature handouts. Since this module was only for one semester I need to do an exam in January (HELP ME). Thus I have finally started studying for it.. I spent two weeks lazying after my semester has ended which was such a waste- I know…

I GOT 88% FOR MY JAPANESE! I am so happy!! Now I just need to do that well in other modules. 🙂 I have only two exams to do at the end January, I should consider myself lucky. YK has three and they are all at the start. While one of my friends has five. I will probably go study some Japanese now, or maybe read a book or possibly just meaninglessly browse the internet.


3 thoughts on “MERRY CHRISTMAS

  1. Ilya Lemieux says:

    Oh! Merry belated Christmas to you too!
    Yes, looking forward to more updates on your progress and slice-of-life juicy tidbits (Nah, never mind the last part).
    Studying is always hard. I’ve been there. It’s just the way it is. It is exactly where the men / women are separated from the boys / girls.
    But not to worry. Keep your eyes on the prize, nose to the grindstone (do not get succumbed to this much-tempting party hardy college lifestyle, in the long run it’s not worth it) and slowly but surely you’ll be able to carry the day, which will surely be no small feat in itself.
    Always aim for the moon. If you happen to miss, you may hit a star.
    Good luck with your exams!

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    • roksana09 says:

      Thank you so much 🙂 I hope your Christmas was lovely as well. Party life is sure tempting but studying is what matters the most. Although my ”partying” was mostly cooking international meals with my exchange friends (which was pretty fun).
      I can’t believe it’s soon New Year’s day! Time for Оливье and fireworks 🙂 I hope your New Year celebrations will be fun and that 2017 will be a productive year in terms of studies 😀

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      • Ilya Lemieux says:

        I can’t thank you enough for your kind words! They really restore my hope in humanity 🙂
        Another year has rolled by… Many an employment seeking adventure I’ve been through… and it came back to languages. Things have come a full circle.
        That being said, 2017 will be something else, no two ways about it! Doing what I love the most. And getting paid to boot 🙂 what else could you ask for?
        I hope you’ll make the most of your New year’s day! Not a moment wasted 😉 [yeah, don’t know how to extricate myself from this pun :-0]
        May 2017 year be productive for you in every sense possible, be it languages, be it your studies, what have you!

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