Exam season

Yay! Another rather successful day of study where I got more than 4 hours done! Feeling quite proud here! It is my 4th day in a row ( I wonder if it will decline after my exams are done lol). With the exams, my priorities are French and linguistics but I make sure that I listen to the Japanese audio at least 10 minutes a day- and so far the target  is achieved! Actually, I have been listening to ”Shadowing: Let’s Speak Japanese’ for almost 2 weeks now.

This morning finally decided to order Grammaire Expliqee Du Francais. After reading/ watching Ilya Lemieux’s blog post I was so tempted to purchase that book. Today was the day it finally happened. Although I decided to go for the beginners level so that I would be able to revise all the material and fill in any gap holes I have (and that is a lot…). 


I plan to give feedback on this book in the future, but if you are curious or/and want to buy this book now you can do so by going on to this LINK or by clicking on banner below:

Free Delivery on all Books at the Book Depository

(If you buy the book using my link, I will get small referral fee which could help me buy more interesting books for future reviews)


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