LC150- Let’s ace it!

LC150 is the name of the module that I will be taking the exam on this Wednesday. (just a bit left till I say bye-bye to it) It’s very hard to part my ways with it as it was very enjoyable to attend this module. Plus the lecturer was super nice. I have covered all the topics and looked over/ attempted past exam questions- so far it doesn’t seem hard. So I am pretty confident and looking forward to Wednesday.

I have posted key definitions for the exam on my Tumblr blog. All that is left is to make a definition post on Dialects and done. All covered for the exam. B) Also, I no longer have to deal with my long hair, now it’s short. (totally random point lol)

My head feels very tired the past few days. Can’t. wait. for. exams. to. end.


2 thoughts on “LC150- Let’s ace it!

  1. Ilya Lemieux says:

    Wouldn’t you know it! I checked with my calendar today and found out that “this Wednesday” you had been studying in no-rest-for-the-wicked regime for was just around the corner. Closer, even, if possible.
    Talk about getting carried away…

    Since you’re pretty confident with the exam coming ahead (confidence is king, knowledge is queen), then you’ll find it easy-peasy passing it with flying colors. When it happens, be sure to scribe a proud line here.

    Still, good luck today! Not that you don’t need it, you know. Saves the day from time to time. And coupled with solid knowledge works wonders.

    Love the totally random point insert. Sweet 🙂


    • roksana09 says:

      Thank you 😀
      The exam went pretty okay actually! However, there were two terms I didn’t remember. When I got home I checked all my notes and even textbooks, but they had nothing about it too. My lecturer has probably mentioned it in class but I forgot.

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