2 more days

Even though I originally planned to study when I got home after the exam, I didn’t. All I wanted to do was to eat and relax without thinking about anything. Although I did manage to get some ”study” done while walking back home. Instead of listening to music, I practised Shadowing: let’s speak Japanese. So I guess that is something already. After 10 pm I got an urge to rearrange my table and bookshelves which resulted in me 1) moving my most used textbooks and (almost all) novels to the table 2) leaving the rest of my room in bits. Now the bookshelf looks so empty and lonely. lol

As I have already completed one of my exams, I didn’t study much today. Feeling super tired and drained for the upcoming French exam. Looking forward when it finally ends and I will have time for Chinese/Japanese/Korean and French (just not in the exam mode lol). Plus one of my friends is coming over to Ireland and we have agreed to meet up. She wants to go to our favourite place and finally eat some Kimchi. 😀

I have nothing else to share so I will just leave some music I came across today.


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