Cheese in the Trap avec sous-titres français

I wouldn’t really consider myself a person who likes to watch k-dramas, but here I am, sitting on my chair and watching Cheese in the Trap. Although I am watching it with French subs! So at least it can kinda count as studying, right? Because of my constant pausing to write down some words and/or translate them I am only 15 minutes into episode 2. So far 18 new words. Pretty interesting. 
My cousin was watching episode 1 with me a few weeks ago and now I got curious and decided to continue with it (because my cousin said it gets pretty good). 

Some things that I learned today: 
Tu ne peux succomber à son sourire
Ravi de te rencontrer
Un clodo
Par hasard

.…and many other words. It’s 11:37 PM…………I am glad my lecture is at 11 tomorrow. 


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