Improving handwriting? SIMPLE

Probably every fellow Japanese/ Korean/ Chinese and so on learner has struggled with the following topic. Handwriting. (or maybe not every?) Occasionally I would hear “your Japanese handwriting is so cute and nice”. Also, there would be people who would feel down and consider that their handwriting is not good enough. So how can you improve that?

Looking through my first Japanese copy I cannot help but notice how unnatural my writing was. (Oh the early days when I just started Japanese, memories) It was just when I finally memorized the stroke order for Kana. After few years of on and off studying this language, I can say that I have developed my own style of handwriting which is more or less to my liking.

Ahem.. I have gone down the wrong path, today I want to write about what I came across on Tumblr recently. One blogger (can’t remember who T.T)  has mentioned that she/ he practices her handwriting by copying and imitating the word fonts. That is when it hit me that it is indeed such a good idea! With the wide range of fonts available it is no problem to find a bunch that will be the “handwritten” style. After downloading it you can type anything and just try and copy the way it’s written. Because I am not really content with my handwriting I decided to do the same. One particular reason why it’s great is kanji. You see these computer font kanji but then sometimes they look kinda different when they are written by hand. So that’s where the fonts come in handy. My favourite font for time being is SanaFon. If you open this website you can see that they have a category called “handwriting”, yay! There is also a Korean version of this site,

But remember, you don’t have to feel down about your handwriting! Everyone has their own style in everything, including handwriting. And I am saying it from my own experience. Back in middle school, my handwriting was totally different, and I didn’t like it. My classmate had a very neat and straight handwriting and it made me feel kinda upset that I can’t write as pretty as her. In the end, I started to try and copy her, which obviously didn’t work much but I have developed my own ‘unique’ style. So I guess just enjoy studying~



2 thoughts on “Improving handwriting? SIMPLE

  1. Ilya Lemieux says:

    Oh! Long time no read 🙂
    Sweet of you to post some stuff here from time to time! Kinda start missing them posts.
    Ok, I’ll be brutally honest here. The month of February so far has been just brutally brutal (huh, that’s a thing?) towards me all day every day, so… I’m extremely exhausted for the time being to read your elaborate post above. Well that may be, but tomorrow I’ll read it good and proper après quoi je te donnerai mon avis sur le sujet en question.
    En passant, how’s your studying French grammar with the new grammar book of yours? (Yes, the one you bought kind of on my recommendation, if I may put it so)

    Liked by 1 person

    • roksana09 says:

      Long time no read indeed ^^;; That university life keeps me busy for sure and then when I get home I am too tired.
      Oh! I hope this brutally brutal period will end soon and you will get time to rest. It’s important to take the time to relax so please take care of yourself. 🙂
      I have been using this book but not as often as I would like to. Thanks to it I feel like I rediscover things that I somewhat have missed before. Recently I have ordered the exercise book for it and hope to make full use of it too. 🙂


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