Short Édition Jeunesse

I post a lot of content related to Japanese but it’s not my only language that I study at university. Let’s not forget about French! The amount of posts dedicated to my study of this language is so meager. I can’t remember if I have written much on what I use to study French, so here we go, a whole post dedicated to Short Édition Jeunesse.

What is Short Édition Jeunesse? Well, it’s a website where kids can read fairy tales and stories. Although because it was created for the French audience, don’t expect to find any English there.

When you open the website you will be able to choose what you want to read based on the time you are willing to spend reading it. You want something short and quick? Or maybe something longer? 5 minutes? 10 ? or maybe 20 minutes? It’s all up to you. If you choose 5 minutes then, of course, the story will be shorter than the one for 20 minutes.


If you browse through the stories offered you might notice that they have modern authors and not only. If you look hard enough you will be able to spot classical fairy tales. For example “La douce bouillie” by Brothers Grimm. Below the title, there will be written for what age it’s aimed and how long it will take to read it. Also, you will notice some tags. The nice thing is that you can print the following text, which will be useful if you prefer paper instead of pdf. You can highlight words and do anything you want on the printout.


Let’s not forget about the audio. On certain stories you will find that they have a recording of it which is read nice and slow, but with good intonation. The story that is read out will be exactly the same as the text provided so you can follow and improve your listening or/and pronunciation.



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