Les pronoms relatifs

So this Monday’s French grammar point at a lecture was Les pronoms relatifs simples. Even though it’s not that complicated, I still get confused about it. Subject. Object. Subject. Object. Forget about French, it’s hard in English even. I remember doing that in one of my linguistic classes. 

Like its English counterpart, a French relative pronoun links a dependent or relative clause to a main clause.

I have tons of tabs open at the moment just so I will be able to fully understand this concept. MUST. READ. EVERYTHING. Not even tabs, there is also my grammar book right in front of me. I found this table at about education which might be helpful.

Pronoun   Function(s) Possible Translations
Qui Subject
Indirect object (person)  
who, what
which, that, whom
Que Direct object whom, what, which, that
Lequel Indirect object (thing) what, which, that
Dont Object of de
Indicate possession
of which, from which, that
Indicate place or time when, where, which, that
Note: ce que, ce qui, ce dont, and quoi are indefinite relative pronouns

I have a kanji test tomorrow morning so I am off to revise them. Meanwhile, I will leave more links with that grammar explanation ( although all in French), some of them even have exercises which you can practice with.


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