Today marks the end of week 5 at my university (at least for me as I do not have lectures on Fridays). I don’t know if it’s because I decided that ‘I want’ to learn French properly instead of the usual ‘I must’ attitude, but my French classes this week were pretty fun and enjoyable. 
This semester I am taking two French modules. Well more like I am continuing with one from last semester and the other one is compulsory to take. So in today’s French 2 (as I am going to call it) we were doing an interesting topic! French tongue twisters and then exercises on magical creatures. What was so interesting about that? Ahem, to narrow it down, the whole class (including me) learned something that “blew their minds”. 


The word ‘baguette’. The question asked us to associate characters with the following things and of course, we were not expecting to find ‘baguette’ on the list. Turns out baguette does not only mean ‘baguette’ the bread. It can mean a stick, wand, or even chopstick according to WordReference. So after learning that everyone was like OHHHHH. 


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