KOA and Malahide

Since last Tuesday I was kept quite busy. First, my relatives from Lithuania came to celebrate my cousin’s grandma’s birthday. Then on Friday I finally got to meet with my very good friend, Sae! Back to when I was in school, she was an exchange student here in Ireland and we met at a library in the city center. Even after she left back to Japan, we still kept in touch. So around two weeks ago she finally came to Ireland for a visit! 

On Sunday I, Sae and my cousin Emi decided to go and explore Malahide. Although before that we decided to pay swans a visit. Near my house, there is an estuary, where you would usually always find swans. It’s a pretty popular place so a lot of people come here to feed the birds, so that’s what we did too. 

After that, we got dropped off at Malahide because I just didn’t feel like walking for around one hour there. After seeing swans eat the bread my stomach decided that it’s time for us to eat too and we headed to KOI. To our sadness it turned out that place opens only after 5 PM which meant 1) I am not getting any ramen and 2) we needed to find another place to eat at. We spent maybe around 20 mins walking around at looking at outside menus of differents cafes and restaurants and in the end were lured in by KOA’s lunch menu for 14.95 euro. The place offered a starter and main course for a pretty good price which is good since I am a student. 

The noodles were really good! So if you are ever in Malahide you can check out their place. Their interior was pretty cool too. 🙂

When we stuffed ourselves with food we went for a walk around the Malahide park. I have been there many times before but it’s always fun to go with friends so I didn’t mind. Also a lot of flowers are starting to bloom and Emi took this chance to take many beautiful photos. Actually all of the photos I used in this post were taken by Emi 😀 


Right now I am on my mid-term. Time to finish my French report (ahem, start it actually), write Japanese essays and review materials. 



2 thoughts on “KOA and Malahide

  1. Sae says:

    Thank you very much Roksana, what a lovely post, I can cry now 😭😭! I was so happy to see you again, let’s meet again in Japan, Lithuania or Ireland!! I love you!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • roksana09 says:

      Me too! I was very very very happy to see you again after such a long time! ❤ Can't wait until our next meeting 🙂 Have a safe flight back to Japan. I feel like I should text you on LINE from now but in Japanese 😀


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