It’s finally summer here! Time to come back to WordPress seeing as there is much more free time now. I finished exams not awhile ago and now the boredom has taken over me. The things I have been doing for the past days is just playing video games, ahem overwatch in particular. 

So now that there are around 4 long ( or not so long) months ahead of me, I might as well try set up goals. 

  • Prepare for piano exams
  • Languages
  • Exercise
  • Visit new places and spend more time with friends

Next academic year promises to be busy, so a good thing to do for me is to start revising old stuff and progressing with the French and Japanese. Especially considering that anyone who scores below 50% for any of their main exams might not get the chance to go abroad… 

I found a part-time job, so in the meanwhile, I am quite happy! Therefore, if everything goes as planned, my blog will be filled with some posts about various places visited and language progress. 🙂


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