Hailan Korean Restaurant

Most of my week is spent working and one of my two days off is usually me going somewhere. Though I still need that one day where I can just lazily sit at home. 

It is nice to keep a Sunday the ‘lazy’ day so that you can relax before work, but this time it was different. Yesterday I managed to finally meet up with my friend to celebrate her (late) birthday. After strolling around the city under the hot sun and burning calories, we got hungry. *surprise surprise* We went to …..Hailan! This was my first time ever going there and I quite liked it. 

Their lunch menu is only 9.99 and they have a lot to choose from! However, they don’t have a lot of options for vegetarians but maybe they will remove the meat if asked… Who knows? My friend is vegetarian therefore she got a vegetarian version of bibimbap, while I got udon! Ahem, the eggs look identical on both photos because that is the same egg. It’s just that my friend doesn’t eat eggs either and she just put it onto my udon. Both meals were very yummy, and the bibimbap even came with a miso soup. Nice!
If you live in Dublin you can find this place near Temple Bar. The restaurant is cozy and didn’t seem to be overly crowded. ( at least not on a hot sunny day lol)

After that we just walked around different shops and bought stuff at one of the Asian markets. I stumbled across a big pack of mochi and just had to buy it for my mom knowing that she likes them so much. 


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