The uni life

As the summer of 2017 is coming to the end and with the new school/ academic year beginning, I thought of writing an observation post after completing the first year. A vast majority of people will probably say new year, new me (ahem, new *academic year*) while they think of some goals they want to accomplish. Back in school, my most common goals were :

  1. Get proper sleep
  2. Do homework on the night you got it and don’t leave it till later
  3. Study X amount of hours
  4. Go to gym 
  5. and etc etc etc

But the question here is.. does that planning system work? and how can I make it work..? 

Now, a university is a completely different case where things that worked in school might not work. So here is my list of observations and suggestions:

  1. You don’t need millions of copies, you just need one or two and it’s best if they have dividers in them so you have a section for each module. One is for rough notes in class while the other one is where you rewrite everything nicely. 
  2. Date your notes. This will seriously help you out if you fall behind your studying or note-taking. 
  3. You don’t need to carry a lot of books (if even any). Most lecturers will use their own power points, plus if you need any-  library is your best friend. 
  4. Speaking of lectures, it’s important to still take down notes. You never know how long it will take lecturers to upload the power points online.  
  5. Hanging out with friends is great, but sparing some time to study and doing your assignments will save you from stress later. On some days you might have few hours break before lectures, that’s the time where you can do the work and after you can relax (kinda). Although if you can study with a group of friends that’s a bonus. In my case we sometimes would end up snap-chatting & photoshopping weird pictures of each other. BUT!! Doing homework with friends is great because you can help each other out (though don’t copy one person’s work, that doesn’t count) 
  6. If you commute to uni by bus or train, use the time wisely. Read a book, do some revision, look over notes, use memrise and even if you have motion sickness you still have some options like listening to audio books or podcast. I never really traveled by bus, so at the beginning, I used to get sick from reading but now I am fine. *P.S sometimes we have days where we don’t wanna do anything, just sit, listen to music and stare out the windows at the passing by scenery . (and that’s totally ok) 
  7. Putting a reminder on important days or having a bullet journal will help to stay on track.
  8. Don’t join too many clubs & societies. Why? Well, join the ones that you really want to at the start and then if you want to join others you are free to do so. It will just help to save some money (unless the sign up is free- at my uni it’s not) and some activities will always crash with each other. 
  9. Taking part in club activities and becoming one of the committee members is pretty good for CV and the future. 
  10. Having a bar on campus is great but drinking a lot is not. 
  11. Try to bring your own food from time to time. Helps to save money and maybe eat healthier  😉 
  12. Attending lectures is an important part of passing your exams. Even if it sucks, still go because you never know when they will teach something important. 
  13. Participating in class. Don’t be afraid to tell an answer if you know it or volunteer to read a sentence out and translate it. This is good with small classes but idk how it works out with huge auditoriums. 

There is probably more that I can write but none is coming to my mind at the moment… So maybe as another year starts, there will be more points to note. Most of them are in random order so sorry about that. 


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