Hi and welcome to my blog! I am glad you have found my personal journal in this huge world of blogs and internet pages.

I am Roksana, a student who is currently in process of studying Applied Language and Translation at one of the Irish universities. My love for Japanese began ages ago when I discovered something called “manga”, and since then I steadily but slowly became interested in the country it originated from.
Since I am doing Japanese and French in university, self-study is not my sole way of learning these languages, although before that I didn’t attend any classes for Japanese.

As you can see I totally love languages so I haven’t stopped at Japanese and French. You will be able to see posts relating to Korean and Chinese, as well as (maybe) Russian or Lithuanian. To tell you a secret, I am not Irish, but I have been living in Ireland for almost half of my life thus received my education in English. I would like to be able to have decent skills in my mother tongue.

Since this blog is something like a personal journal for me, sometimes I will mix in some of my daily life or hobbies. I love love love reading books, plus I have some other hobbies.

Enjoy your stay on my blog and I hope you will find something of use to you here too. If you want to find me on other sn, I have my instagram and twitter linked on main page. Feel free to also ask me a question on  Askfm.



2 thoughts on “ABOUT

    • roksana09 says:

      Thank you very much! 💕 I am interested in Chinese too but for now I cant really study it because of school 😰
      I really enjoy reading your blog! 💖 Thank you for your comment 😊


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