Basic Korean (ROUTLEDGE)

Today I want to write about one of my first Korean textbooks. Basic Korean by Andrew Sangpil Byon. I bought it before I knew that Gmarket and Korean publishers existed. This book reminds me of Korean Grammar in Use. However, this book does not have illustrations or any color in it. Considering it's price it … Continue reading Basic Korean (ROUTLEDGE)


Language Tag

I was tagged to do it at the start of February and now it's March.. But better late than never. Thank you Almante for tagging me 🙂 What would you consider your native language? Russian. What was your first language learning experience? Probably kindergarten. Since I attended Lithuanian kindergarten that's where I learned the language … Continue reading Language Tag


こんにちは! First of all... My blog has passed over 100 followers! I am so thankful 😀 It's just a tiny blog but keeping it is fun. Even though I don't get many comments (⌒-⌒; ) I am still very happy when there are people who look at/read(?) my blog💗 So thank you very much. I … Continue reading まだ一度も富士山にのぼったこがありません

5日 1月 2015年

Hello, everyone! Happy New Year 🙂 When I don't know what to write for the title. I just go along with a date. Now I am back from Russian class. Watching tv while typing this post. 🙂 Today was back to school day :< 私は毎日ホットチョコレートを飲む。どっぷり。。 I don't know if どっぷり is the right word but … Continue reading 5日 1月 2015å¹´